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Groupe Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs (French pronunciation: ​[ɡʁup pjɛʁ e vakɑ̃s sɑ̃te paʁks]) specializes in tourism services, providing holiday and entertainment villages, leisure activity residences and hotels under the brands Pierre & Vacances, Maeva, Center Parcs, Sunparks, and Adagio (the last in partnership with Accor). The headquarters of the company is in France.

A former employee shared his experience, "Horrible management at Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs they create a frightfull working atmosphere playing out staff against each other. Having fired half of staff not enough people are inside the company to fulfill tasks."


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Themaltesir says

"If there is a zero star to provide, then I will, but the lowest is one. I was booking my holiday with Pierre et Vacances to go to Pont Royal. The holiday was showing as 50% off. I went through all my contact details, took a snap shot of the holiday showing my days and the total cost. In the meantime, my computer crashed, so I couldn't carry on. I logged back in again and because it went past midnight, the holiday went back to the normal price without discount. I, however, had a snap shot of the discounted price showing the correct dates. I phoned Pierre & Vacances customer services, and they were the most unhelpful. I said if I can speak to a manager and they just said 'NO'. I asked why and said, 'Because you cannot'. Then I asked whether I can have an email address to send a copy of my print screen so that I can benefit from the 'PRICE GUARANTEE' as said in their website (that if I see it lower or the price changes, then if I can provide a copy of the print screen they will give you the price advertised'. ) After half hour on the phone, they given me an email address. I haven't received a reply from them, even though I asked that I need to book urgently. I now had to book another holiday with a different site. I am unhappy because I know that the parks are lovely, but if the customer services are terrible, it will make it no better than a shanty town in india. I would seriously ask Pierre and Vacances to re-consider their way of dealing with customers. If a customer would like to speak with a manger because of a valid reason, then this should be allowed. After all, managers are employees aswell who their job is to help customers when the advisors have no power or further knowledge about a specific subject matter. Dissapointing."

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